I just wanted to say that you have an awesome website and your keen oversight and information you convey to your players/coaches who have registered in your system is exceptional. Amon (son) has several profiles on other recruiting websites and this is hands down the best I've seen (the other sites...berecruited.com, captainu.com, etc...can't compare to your website and the ease of use!). Keep up the good work and best of luck to you and your business moving forward.

Maurice "Moe" Frazier
Lead Associate
Booz | Allen | Hamilton

Playerocity has been a great company to work with in the development of our College Advisory Program. Beyond just a system, the service, support, and drive to create a better more effective product has been a key piece of the success of our player working with the Playerocity system.

The simplicity of the system, while still covering all the key areas is the main factor as to why we chose to work with this group in the first place. From Team Sheets, to Personal Profiles each aspect has been well thought out and intuitive to use. I appreciate their constant attention to make their product better for our membership and the personal relationship we can have with them.

Michael Gabb
Rush Soccer
National College Advisory Director

Playerocity really helped me to gain an edge in my recruiting experience. I had an account with NCSA as well, and Playerocity was much simpler and user-friendly. With Playerocity, I was able to communicate efficiently and effectively with collegiate coaches as I could see if and when the emails were read, among other tools. This helped greatly and I absolutely recommend Playerocity to all aspiring athletes.

Ridge Robinson
Coastal Carolina University Alum

I think CAP is one of the most value added components of our affiliation with Rush. I absolutely love the direction of Playerocity and what it means to our population. In fact, I was so impressed I thought we should have voted it in for immediate implementation. To that end, I have about 10 High School teams that I would love to get registered and utilizing the Playerocity program as presented at the Summit right away.

Ben John
Technical Director Wisconsin Rush

I realize this is a tool primarily for college and he is entering the spring of his freshmen year so we will start to utilize it more,  but we have found other uses as well.  It's a great way to communicate your profile to other coaches when trying to market yourself as a guest player.  It's also good for invitation only camps.

Christie Moore
Team Manager

Playerocity makes it super easy to generate professional-looking profile sheets.  I’ve handed out hundreds to college coaches over the last couple years at national events and the Rush Playerocity profiles are the sharpest I’ve seen. The Playerocity team is fantastic about responding quickly…even if it’s one of my last minute calls for help as I’m heading to the airport :)

Annette Dyke
Team Manager

Wow!  That was excellent!
I just got back home from my son Cameron's U15 CAP session this morning.  We certainly have a spectacular team and product in place.  I can tell that other parents were impressed as well.  Maybe overwhelmed a little, but definitely impressed.
The boys don't yet understand how fortunate they are to have all this available to them.  But the parents do.  What an incredible tool and resource Playerocity is! . . . top notch!
Glenn McWilliams
Colorado Rush Soccer Club
Chairman, Board of Directors

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