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The bottom line is this: Most college coaches would agree that the recruiting process is not nearly as difficult as recruiting companies would have you believe.  When a college coach is interested in you as a player, they will help you through the steps.  It's their job and they know it best.  Many have academic advisors and NCAA specialists within their program whose sole job is to help athletes become and stay eligible.

The most important step is to reach out to coaches of interest and create a relationship so they can 1) get to know you as a person and player, 2) find out if you are a fit for their program, 3) find out if their program is a fit for you, and  4) help you get setup to attend their college and play in their athletic program.

Playerocity is an open door for direct communication with recruiting coaches from thousands of college programs. Every email sent by a player through the Playerocity system is delivered to the recruiting scholarship college coach directly from the player's email address. This means all replies go directly back to the player. After messages are sent (which can be optionally copied to parents and coaches so they stay informed on communication and the college process), players may track their emails to see if they were read by the coach, and if any links were clicked.

The incredibly unique and invaluable part of Playerocity's communication tool is the seasoned college coach communication list, which is updated and monitored daily to find out if the coaches are reading the messages being sent by the players using Playerocity.  Through many years and thousands of hours interacting with colleges to achieve great recruiting results for players, Playerocity has developed a solution that continually monitors and evolves its proprietary list of coaches who make the recruiting decision, identifying not only head coaches but assigned recruiting coaches who do read and interact with you at a much higher rate. Most recruiting companies and online tools update their college lists yearly (or rely on college coaches to contact them, which is highly unlikely). Many of their lists consist almost exclusively of head coaches, which we can from experience tell you are not the best first contact.  When it’s found that a college coach is not reading player emails, Playerocity follows up to find out why and make any necessary changes in the system. Monthly updates are provided with a list of all communication changes providing players with the option of re-sending their messages to those schools.

Playerocity provides everything you need for the college recruiting experience, providing open communication tools, along with a checklist calendar of to-do items organized for grade specific tasks.  In addition, Playerocity provides information about the NCAA and other free outside resources.  If you are already using a recruiting company or an online communications tool, we highly recommend you add the Playerocity service so that you can start communicating directly with the right coaches.

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