The incredibly unique and invaluable part of this open communication tool is the seasoned college coach communication list, which is updated and monitored daily to find out if the coaches are reading the messages sent by the players. Through many years and thousands of hours interacting with colleges to achieve great recruiting results for players, Playerocity has developed a solution that continually monitors and evolves its proprietary list of coaches who make the recruiting decision, identifying not only head coaches but assigned recruiting coaches who do read and interact with you at a much higher rate. You will not find a more interactive, updated, and serviced communication list.


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Features Checkmark College search with over 20,000 college programs from all division levels
Features Checkmark Select desired colleges to create an ever changing communication list
Features Checkmark Online tool for emailing colleges for introductions and ongoing communication updates
Features Checkmark Track emails sent to college coaches to see if and when they are read
Features Checkmark Track emails sent to view statistics links clicked, when and how many times
Features Checkmark Playerocity monitoring service to ensure the highest probability of messages being read
Features Checkmark View all previously sent emails (archive) with read and click statistics
Features Checkmark Copy in parents and coaches so they stay informed on the college communications
Features Checkmark Request a college to be added at anytime, Free
Features Checkmark Optional message templates to make a nicely represented email to the college coaches
Features Checkmark Receive monthly reports on any changes of contact information for college coaches
Features Checkmark Send and track college messages on the go with our responsive (mobile friendly) website
Features Checkmark Send links to your Playerocity profile or any other profile you have created on the web
It is well known that companies who offer the idea that they will bring college coaches to your online profile through their magnificient college coach relationships are a thing of the past.  College coaches want direct communication from players without interference so they can get to know you and you can get to know them.  Our open communication tool provides that facility directly in your control.  Our free online profile offers state of the art capabilities so that when you are communicating with college coach(es) you have something impactful, professional and prepared so the college coaches remember you.
Features Checkmark College journal for keeping track of important notes, dates, conversations
Features Checkmark Create free player accounts to build your personal online profile
Features Checkmark Video utilities compatible with popular video hosts (youtube, vimeo, etc)
Features Checkmark Bio, highlights, team info, contacts
Features Checkmark Sport specific accomplishments and ability to insert highlights
Features Checkmark Immediate, dynamic updates of the profile through an online mobile friendly browser
Features Checkmark Print profile to PDF for handouts at tournaments and email attachments
Features Checkmark Automatic updates to any team profile sheets you are associated
Playerocity provides everything you need for the college recruiting experience, providing open communication tools, along with a checklist calendar of to-do items organized for grade specific tasks.  In addition, Playerocity provides information about the NCAA and other free outside resources.
Features Checkmark Recommended steps calendar for freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years
Features Checkmark Detailed list of items that need to be accomplished with resource links
Features Checkmark College research tools resources providing in-depth info with match-fit tools
Features Checkmark NCAA registration and important deadline information
Features Checkmark NCAA Rules & Regulations resources
Register for FREE as a Team Sheet Manager to create dynamic, brilliant and branded team profile sheets to give to college coaches at tournaments and events the team is participating.  College coaches attend events to find potential recruits.  They may be there to see one or several individuals who have raised their interest level, and they will be looking at others who show well.  As these coaches watch your team they would greatly benefit by having a team sheet that displays information about each player including vital playing information and most importantly contact information.
Features Checkmark Free registration as a team manager or coach
Features Checkmark Create an unlimited number of free teams
Features Checkmark Brand each teamsheet with a custom logo
Features Checkmark Set each teamsheet with any background color
Features Checkmark Easily select which player profile fields to display on the teamsheet
Features Checkmark Invite players and coaches to join team. Player & coach accounts are free
Features Checkmark Print profile sheets in a printer friendly PDF format
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