Playerocity Corporate Services

Playerocity Corporate empowers dreams, using innovative technology for e-commerce solutions, web development processes, and next level sports advisory services.

College Advisory Program for Players
Playerocity is an open door for direct communication with recruiting coaches from thousands of college programs. Every email sent by a player through the Playerocity system is delivered to the recruiting scholarship college coach directly from the player's email address. This means all replies go directly back to the player. After messages are sent (which can be optionally copied to parents and coaches so they stay informed on communication and the college process), players may track their emails to see if they were read by the coach, and if any links were clicked.

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Fan Gear Services
Playerocity empowers fans to create their own customized gear through interactive e-commerce technology, creating a turn key fundraising and profit opportunity for organizations across the globe.

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Web Development Services
Playerocity empowers technology vision by creating intuitive yet beautiful web sites designed to fit an organizations personality.

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