Free Team Sheets

Register for FREE as a Team Sheet Manager to create dynamic, brilliant and branded team profile sheets to give to college coaches when your team participates in tournaments and events.  College coaches attend events to find potential recruits.  They may be there to see one or several individuals who have raised their interest level, and they will be looking at others who show well.  As these coaches watch your team they would greatly benefit by having a team sheet that displays information about each player including vital playing information and most importantly contact information.

Here's how it works:

1. Free Registration
Register for a FREE team sheet manager account.  This could be a team manager, coach, program director, team mom, team dad, anyone who will be responsible to make sure team sheets have all players and are printed to hand out at participating team events to college coaches.

2. Create a Team
Once registered, the team sheet manager is enabled to create one or more free team sheets.  Each team sheet has it's own settings to add (through email invite) and remove players and coaches and create team branding.

3. Team Sheet Settings
Designate the background color of the team sheet, along with a top logo.  This can be used to brand the team profile sheet representing the club, school, organization, and sponsors in a professional way, while making the team sheet look excellent.

4. Invite Players & Coaches
Through the team invite tool the team sheet manager simply inserts the email address of all players and coaches.  This sends out an invite to all of them via email.  Those individuals that already have Playerocity accounts will simply authorize and those that do not will be enabled to create a free player profile to be included on the team sheet.  The team manager will see who was invited and the status of those invites.  The team manager may easily remove and add players and coaches anytime desired.

5. Print Team Sheet
When the team sheet manager has the players and coaches desired, they are enabled to view the team sheet profile and save/print it as a PDF.  Make as many printouts as necessary for handing out at the next coming event.

Getting Started
If you already have a free account, login and start creating your new team.  If you don't have a free account, click the "Sign Up For Free" link on the right hand side of all pages, so you can get started!