Free Player Profile

A free online player profile provides a tool to help players market themselves by offering an online location or pdf printout to college coaches to find out more about the player.  With a well setup profile college coaches will be able to easily and accurately evaluate a player as a prospect.

Free Player Profile Accounts
Players create free accounts to build their player profile

Unlimited Updates
Player profiles include unlimited  dynamic updates through an online browser or mobile device

Profile Details
Include bio, highlights, team info, contacts and more

Video Ready
Multimedia video utility integrating directly with YouTube

Print Friendly & PDF Ready
Print the player profile to PDF for simple attaching to emails or print

Online mobile device compatibility

Get help from the Playerocity support team via online support tickets.  We're passionate about helping you.

Getting Started
If you already have a free player account, login and click the link that reads "Email Colleges".  If you don't have a free player profile, click the "Sign Up For Free" link on the right hand side of all pages, so you can get started!