Directly communicating with college coaches and mastering the college recruiting process is quite the responsibility. As a student, finding the time to practice, compete at an elevated level, and excel in school is already a challenging task.

Playerocity empowers athletes to promote themselves in the college arena, take advantage of valuable scholarships, and improve the recruiting process without hiring a recruiting company. This approach dramatically increases the probability of receiving a desired scholarship, and provides an intuitive method for selected club administrators, coaches, and involved parents to actively support and mentor their players in the very competitive college and scholarship hunt.

Playerocity offers simple-to-use communication tools for players as they search and select colleges of interest. What’s more, Playerocity is an open door for direct communication with recruiting coaches from thousands of college programs. Every email sent through the Playerocity system is delivered to the college coach directly from the player's email address. This means all replies go directly back to the player. Our goal is to empower athletes to promote themselves using the tools Playerocity provides. After messages are sent, players may track the emails to see if they were read by the coach, and if any links were clicked.

Message Monitoring
Playerocity runs daily email statistics to find out if player generated emails are being read by college coaches. When it’s found that a coach is not reading those emails, Playerocity follows up to find out why and makes any necessary changes.  What makes it so unique and valuable to the player is the accuracy in getting the email message not only read, but to the right recruiting coach. This is an invaluable service that makes Playerocity’s contact list the best list possible. With a huge turnover rate of college coaches throughout all college programs, it is important that the list be updated and maintained regularly. Our monitoring service puts the Playerocity communication list far beyond what you could find anywhere on the web. Notification is sent to players monthly about changes to college contact information and new college programs in the system.

FREE Direct College Communication Features
Player profiles, team sheet management, and the college search utilies are always Free.
Using the Direct Communication with College Coaches service and the tools that come with it are also FREE.

  • Search for colleges from a list of over 20,000 college programs from all division levels
  • Services available for Baseball - Basketball - Football - Golf - Lacrosse - Softball - Soccer - Swimming - Track & Field - Volleyball - Wrestling
  • Add an unlimited number of colleges to your communication list
  • Send email messages directly to recruiting college coaches from the message center
  • Utilize message templates if desired to create a nice looking professional message
  • Track sent messages to see if they were read, when, and how many times
  • Automatically copy in parents and coaches so they stay informed on the college process and communications.
  • Playerocity monitoring service makes sure emails are being read by college coaches
  • Request to have any new colleges added

Getting Started
If you already have a free player account, login and click the link that reads "Email Colleges".  If you don't have a free player profile, click the "Sign Up For Free" link on the right hand side of all pages, so you can get started!