Highlight videos are an integral part of the college recruiting process. An essential early step in the recruiting process is the making of a soccer recruiting video. Thanks to video technology, college coaches can observe the live skills of any player who lives far away. College coaches have thousands of recruits to choose from and a players highlight video could help the coach decide if a player is worth considering for a potential roster spot and scholarship. Offering a quality soccer highlight video showcasing your unique talents and demonstrating you can be a serious contributor to their program could convince the coach to spend time and money to see you play live and in person. There are typically two types of soccer highlight videos, a self-prepared soccer player highlight video and a professional soccer highlight video.  Regardless of which option you decide to choose, all Playerocity players have access to easily upload their videos directly into their individual profiles.

Self Prepared Player Highlight Video
Self prepared videos can be effective in creating an inexpensive, quality solution to provide college coaches a first-hand view of players in action.  Some higher profile soccer events offer game footage that can be purchased after the conclusion of the tournament.  Parents and friends can utilize a home video recorder with a tripod to capture player video.  The newest phone video recorder technology is now good enough to capture reasonable player video.  The above methods can be sufficient, especially if properly edited and improved with home computer video production software. However, with so many student-athletes trying for a limited number of spots on college teams, a poorly shot recruiting video risks being set aside and an opportunity for an individual will be lost.

Professional Video Services
Playerocity partners with SportsView, a professional video services company very familiar with the soccer competitive playing environment, to offer excellent professional video services at very reasonable and affordable prices.
  • Professional Level Video Recording
    SportsView can be hired to attend a soccer match where they video record a specific player during the course of the match.  The soccer footage captured is designed to showcase a players individual and unique soccer skills, how the player moves both “on and off” the soccer ball, and how the player reacts in critical game situations.  Capturing a player’s abilities in game situations is important to a college coach in helping them truly assess each player.
  • Professional Level Video Editing
    Once you have video either from your own self-prepared video or soccer video footage filmed by SportsView, your video will require quality editing in order to highlight the appropriate scenes and create a lasting impression for the college coaches viewing your soccer highlight video.SportsView creates professional level transitions, fundamental recognition, highlights, titles, and motion graphics to provide a professional video for college coaches and yourself.
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