Playerocity Empowers Players! Playerocity differentiates its offerings by empowering players to (1) communicate directly with  the key recruiting coaches for the colleges they are interested in, and (2) actively manage that communication.  The Message Center is the key to the power of this scholarship solution, enabling each player to find colleges, communicate with the recruiting coaches directly, and become directly engaged with the decision makers.  Automated tools track when your email messages are read, how often, and at what time.  You will know if they clicked to view your profile, at what time, and if they have viewed it over and over! Playerocity provides your club administrators and parents a trail of your college recruiting efforts (through the Activity Log) so your family and mentors can help you. A key goal is to get recruiting coaches interested, have them come to see you play, and let your play do the talking.

For Players (Club & High School Players)

Create your profile with video, images, academic and personal profile info

Search for colleges by division, interactive map, college name, or academic requirements

Add an unlimited number of colleges to the player college list for communication

Send email message to team recruiters with tracking capabilities

Send bulk email messages to all college and/or individual colleges in college list

View time stamped activity log of all colleges joined and removed, emails sent, and log in attempts

Input additional communication updates about email and phone interactions with colleges

View important college event dates such as camps and college days
Message Center

Send bulk emails to all colleges in the players individual college list

Send email to any individual or set of colleges in player list

Use “tokens” to automatically insert coach name, college name, mascot and other info

Communicate professionally using optional proven email templates

Track which college coaches read your emails

Track which colleges clicked to view your profile from the email sent

Review your emails sent, including vital statistics, so you know which colleges are most interested

Automatically sends emails to the to recruiting coach for the colleges of your choice
Create email messages with no coding knowledge.  Simple editor style interface

Archive all email communication sent to colleges within the system
College Lists

3,000 + colleges, men and women teams, with current recruiting coach contacts

NCAA (Divisions I, II and III), automated requests for additional colleges

Lists updated at regular intervals so you know you are contacting the right coaches
Search colleges by location, division and advanced search capabilities
Program & Coach Administrator
Activity Log includes statistics of what player profiles are being viewed and how much

Activity Log includes statistics of what college coaches have viewed profiles and which ones

Create recommendations for college and player communication

Easily download a spreadsheet on the players complete college interaction

Frequently asked player questions

List of college communication rules.  Be knowledgeable about what to expect

Best practices for contacting colleges

Activity Log

Time Stamped event log displaying players & college activity

Displays player messages sent through the message center

Displays system login activity

Displays when and what college communication group a player joins

Enables player to input additional communication updates about email and phone updates with colleges

Advanced Services (Customized) - Additional Fees

Video services including customizing and preparation

Custom recruit profile website available

Full maintenance and upkeep of profile information, videos, game updates, etc

Contact the Playerocity support team for any of the advanced services - Click Here