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Jessica Schmidt
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  • Jessica Schmidt
  • Email: -Coaches Only
Jessica Schmidt
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Recruit Info
  • High School: Maine South
  • Graduation Year: 2014
  • Birth Year: 1996
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 130
  • Gender: Female
  • Individual:

    Member of Sockers FC Chicago since the age of 11.  I have been a starter on the team playing primarily as a midfielder and on occassion as a forward.

    Participated in US Soccer training in 2010 (Invitation Only)

    Sockers FC Girls Top Talent Program (2011)

    Sockers FC ECNL League U16 (2011/12)
    Maine South High School Varsity player 2011/2012 season 
    Honorable Mention-All Sectional 2012
    All-Conference 2012                                                                                         
    All-Area 2012 



    Class of 2014

    Cumulative GPA 4.33/4.0

    Student of the Month  October, 2010

    Recipient of Social Science Honors 2011

    Recipient of Biology 1 Honors  2011
    Student of the Month - Physics February and May 2012

    Member of the National High School Scholars Association

    Spanish Club Member 
    CEC Club Member
    Selected for Physical Education Leadership Program 

    Hawk Pride Leader          



US Club Soccer

US Club Soccer Regional Champions 2008 and 2009

US Club National Tournament 2009



State Cup Champions 2008, 2010 and 2011

State Cup Finalist 2009

Region II Regional Finalist 2010

Region II Semi-finalist 2011



Midwest Regional League Champions Fall of 2009

Midwest Regional League Premier League Spring Quarter Finalist 2010


Elite Tournaments

Eclipse Challenge Cup Finalist 2009

Nike Manchester United Premier Tournament Oregon 2010


Team Info
  • Favorite Position: Center Midfield
  • Jersey Number: 17
  • Club Name: Sockers FC Chicago
  • Team Name: U16 ECNL
  • Coach Name: Albert Martin
  • Coach Email: albert@sockersfc.net
  • Coach Phone: 815-353-5359
  • References:


    Albert Martin - 815-353-5359
    Participating Trainer - Brett Hall (2008 US National assistant coach)

  • GPA: 4.4/4.0
Contact Info
  • Favorite Position: Center Midfield
  • First Name: Jessica
  • Last Name: Schmidt
  • Parent Name: Frank and Sonia Schmidt
  • Parent Phone: -Coaches Only
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