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Sierra Sisco
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  • Sierra Sisco
  • Email: -Coaches Only
Sierra Sisco
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Recruit Info
  • High School: Charlotte High School
  • Graduation Year: 2014
  • Birth Year: 1996
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 130
  • Gender: Female
  • High School

    2011- 1st team all league, 1st team all district, academic all league,varsity starter as a freshman at center mid, most goals and most assists on team for the season

    2012- 1st team all league, 1st team all district, academic all league, captain,  and MVP

    2013- 1st team all league, 1st team all district, all state honorable mention, academic all league, and captain



    2013/2014- Vardar ECNL

    2012/2013- Vardar ECNL

    2011/2012- Vardar ECNL, Vardar cup champions, U16B ECNL top 8

    2010/2011- Michigan Hawks Black MRL Premier, Disney Showcase finalist, and State Cup quarterfinalist


    Super-y 2010

    Michigan Fire Midwest Division Champions and National Finalists(lost in pk's)



    2010 US Club Regional and National Champions

    2012 Vanderbilt All Star Team at Elite Camp


I am an honor student who loves math and soccer! I am looking for a school where I can combine my love of learning and my love of soccer.
Team Info
  • Favorite Position: Left mid
  • Jersey Number: 5
  • Club Name: Vardar-Michigan
  • Team Name: Vardar 96G ECNL
  • Coach Name: Demir Muftari
  • Coach Email: demirmi@yahoo.com
  • Coach Phone: (248)321-2245
  • References: Danny Price(super-y coach) 517 899-2046

    Johnny Demergis(Michigan Hawks MRL coach)  858 752-4341

    Jeff Brown(Grand Rapids Crew-guest player) 616 558-1213
  • GPA: 4.0
  • SAT ACT Scores: 27
  • Academic Goals: I plan on majoring in engineering....right now I am leaning towards chemical or biomedical.
Contact Info
  • Favorite Position: Left mid
  • First Name: Sierra
  • Last Name: Sisco
  • Parent Name: Ryan and Christina Sisco
  • Parent Phone: -Coaches Only
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