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Ife Igwe
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  • Ife Igwe
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Ife Igwe
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Recruit Info
  • High School: Brebeuf
  • Graduation Year: 2014
  • Birth Year: 1996
  • Height: 5ft10in
  • Weight: 165
  • Gender: Male
    2002-2005 houseleague soccer

    2006-2007 rep soccer-Hamilton Sparta
    2x tournament champions

    08-10  rep soccer -saltfleet strikers
    -2008 perfect season in league play 18-0-0, league cup champions and 4 tournament champions

    2008 selected to district soccer team
    2009 selected to regional soccer team
    indoor soccer championship 2006(Sparta), 2008(Saltfleet), 2011(Ancaster)

    2011 U15

    Ancaster Titans U15 Elite Boys Soccer playing in the SRSL in Ontario, Canada

    Currently ranked #17 out of 169 teams in the province of Ontario, climbed to #12 before dropping back late in the season because of injury problems.

    Champion of the Ancaster Heritage Days Soccer Tournament 2011

    Semi-finalist West Niagara Soccer Tournament, top division

    Semi-finalist AC Milan Continental Cup in Cleveland Ohio

    Semi-finalist, SRSL League Cup

    Finalist in city-wide Catholic High School Championship

    Finished in 3rd place in the Elite Division of the SRSL

    2012 U16

    Ancaster Titans U16 Elite Boys Soccer playing in the SRSL in Ontario, Canada

    Starting the year ranked #17 in the Province of Ontario

    Ancaster Soccer Club Elite Soccer Academy

    Currently registered to play in the Elite Division of the SRSL in Ontario, Canada

    Registered to play in 3 showcase tournaments and the Ontario Cup for 2012

    2010 rep MAC volleyball 
    -US rochester tournament champions
    -markham tournament silver medalist 
    -ont provincial silver medalist 

    2011 rep niagara rapids
    -defending national champions/number 1 ranked in canada
    -4 gold medals/1 silver
    -ontario provincial championships tournament= bronze medalist

    2012 rep MAC u17-year up
    -barrie tournament silver medalist
    -entered in Canadian National Tournament

    -won gold medal at ontario winter games 
    school sports
    2006-1st place city finals Hamilton 100m
    2007-junoir volleyball champions city champs CYO div.
    2007- city flag football champions CYO divison
    2008- second in city finals 400m Hamilton 
    2008- mvp flagfootball city champs 
    2008- volleyball city finalist 
    2010- city of Hamilton 100m champion
    2010- mvp cuismano volleyball tournament
    2010- school athlete of the year award
    2011- captain and mvp of high school/junoir volleyball team
    2011- junoir boys soccer burlington tournament champions
    2011- eden volleyball  tournament finalist

    2010- selected to league all star team
    -selected to team provincial team Ontario
    -silver medalist at National Championships

Scouting report from Claudio DiSante, coach 1996 Titans Boys

Ife Igwe is our most gifted athlete.  Ife strikes the ball with power and shape with the left foot and right foot.

He is likely one of the fastest sprinters in our league with an extremely effecient running style and an explosive first 3 steps.  Ife does not currently compete in Track and Field but he would likely be considered one of the fastest sprinters in our city.

Ife handles the ball on the dribble very effectively and he has the ability to beat defenders one v one.  He is extremely dangerous in the offensive zone.

Ife can take corners on the left side and the right side.  He is also a very dangersous set play specialist because of his vision and ability to shape his kicks.

Ife is now almost 6ft tall and beginning to fill out his body.

Ife plays volleyball at the provincial level and has tremendous jumping ability.
Team Info
  • Favorite Position: Striker
  • Jersey Number: 12
  • Club Name: Ancaster Soccer Club
  • Team Name: Ancaster Titans 1996 Boys
  • Coach Name: Claudio DiSante
  • Coach Email: cdisante@assante.com
  • Coach Phone: 9055169637
  • Academic Goals: 2010
    Graduated Elementary School with honors, overall athlete of the year, and mathematics award 
    honor roll st. Jean de Brebeuf secondary school
    honor roll st. Jean De brebeuf secondary school

    wish to pursue in science and law post secondary school 
Contact Info
  • Favorite Position: Striker
  • First Name: Ife
  • Last Name: Igwe
  • Parent Name: Wilson Igwe
  • Parent Phone: -Coaches Only
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