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John DiMatteo
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  • John DiMatteo
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John DiMatteo
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Recruit Info
  • High School: St. Jean de Brebeuf
  • Graduation Year: 2013
  • Birth Year: 1995
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 140
  • Gender: Male
  • 2013 OYSL Ancaster Titan U18

    2012 David Thomas Smith Award Recipient

    2012 SRSL Elite Ancaster Titan U17 Champions 

    2012 St. Jean de Brebeuf Varsity Indoor Soccer Team

    2012 Grade 11 GPA 91%

    2011 100 meter sprint personal best: 11.6 seconds

    2011 Ancaster Titans Most Improved Player Award

    2011 SRSL League Cup Champions

    2011 SRSL Elite Ancaster Titan U16, Terra Power Rank 22 in Ontario

    2011 Ancaster Heritage Days Tournament Champions

    2011 St. Jean de Brebeuf Outdoor Boys Junior Soccer Team

    2011 Honour Roll (GPA 91%)

    2010 Honour Roll (GPA 90%)

    2010 Cross country 1500 meter, top 10

    2009 SRSL Premier Division Champions, Ancaster Titans U14

    2009 Hamilton SoccerWorld Indoor Soccer League Champions

    2009 Overall Academic Achievement Award - Mother Teresa Elementary Graduating Class

    2009 Mother Teresa Elementary School Captain and MVP Senior Boys Soccer Team

    2008/9 Gauss Math Award, Top Mark in School, Top 25% in Ontario

    2006 MTCS Award, Mother Teresa School for Mastery, Teamwork, Caring and Service

    2005 Dofasco Atom Select Soccer Team

I am a Grade 12 student at St. Jean de Brebeuf Highschool in Hamilton, ON. I am a passionate soccer player. My athletic career has been focused on soccer. I have also played highschool football and ran cross country (1500 meter).

I play Rep soccer in the Elite division of the SRSL Ontario under Coach Martin Ward-Doran. My position is Left Fullback. I am known for my speed (I can sprint 100 meters in 11.6 seconds) and agility as well as being an excellent playmaker with many more assists than goals each year. I am also known for being a valuable utility player, able to play any position (most often Striker or Right Fullback when not playing my regular position).

I was voted as Most Improved Player in 2011. My coaches described me as one of the most dedicated and hardworking players on the team. I am typically first to practice and always serious about the game. In addition to team practices, I add regular 5K runs, sprint training as well as weightlifting.

My academic achievements are outstanding. I graduated from Elementary/Grade School with the Overall Outstanding Academic Achievement Award. Each year in highschool I have been on the Honour Roll and expect to graduate with a 90% GPA or higher.  
Team Info
  • Favorite Position: Left / Right Fullback
  • Jersey Number: 14
  • Club Name: Ancaster Soccer Club
  • Team Name: Ancaster Titans U18
  • Coach Name: Martin Ward-Doran
  • Coach Email: warddoran@hsc.on.ca
  • Coach Phone: 905-388-9243
  • References: Head Coach, Ancaster U17 Elite, Martin Ward-Doran, 905-388-9243, warddoran@hsc.on.ca

    Assistant Coach, Ancaster U17 Elite, Frank Rizzuti, 905 3049825, fjrizzuti@cogeco.ca

    Trainer, Ermis Mascherin, Ancaster U16 Elite, 905-648-7939,  ermis_mascherin@wsib.on.ca

  • GPA: 91
  • Academic Goals: My goal is to become an Engineer. I plan to go to university, play soccer, and graduate with a Combined Engineering / Business Management degree. I believe I have the skills, academic ability, dedication and hard working nature to achieve all of my goals. I expect to graduate highschool with at least a 90% GPA.   
Contact Info
  • Favorite Position: Left / Right Fullback
  • First Name: John
  • Last Name: DiMatteo
  • Parent Name: Sandra DiMatteo
  • Parent Phone: -Coaches Only
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