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Tyler Howell
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  • Tyler Howell
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Tyler Howell
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Recruit Info
  • High School: Legend
  • Graduation Year: 2013
  • Birth Year: 1994
  • Height: 5'10
  • Weight: 145lbs
  • Gender: Male
    •         NCAA ID#: 1109618708          NAIA ID#: 0077791

    • Offered a spot on the Real Colorado 94-95 U18 National Team and will play this Spring on their squad (dba Red due to CYS number of returning players rule); September 2012
    • Named as Forward for Legend High School Varsity; August 2012
    • Invited as a practice player for Real Colorado Olympico's U17 Team; November 2011
    • Lead Legend JV^ in Points (16), Assists(6) and second in Goals (5); Fall 2011
    • Leading Scorer (9 Goals/4 Game Winners and 4 Assists), for Real Colorado Red 94/95 Boys Colorado Youth Soccer U16 Division 2 Team; Spring 2011
    • Lettered Varsity as a Sophomore; Fall 2010
    • Called up to Real Colorado Red 94/95 Boys U15 Division 2 Team to compete in the US President's Cup Regional IV Finals in Medford, Oregon; Spring 2010
    • Started competitive soccer career with Colorado Elite FC in the Spring of 2008 with their U15 team at the age of 13 before moving to Real Colorado to play on theirU14 Red Team in the Fall of 2009.


Passion and Heart

            Time freezes, sounds blocked out of my head, eyes widen,and adrenaline bursting through my veins, the only thing going through my head at this moment is the task at hand. The dramatic pressure pounding on my back until that very last second when I finally see I have done my job. I finished the ball in the back of the net and the roaring cheers come forth with the high fives and hugs. It’s what I am born to do but I wouldn’t be able to do this without some significant figures in my life to push me along. Playing soccer has been the most significant experience to me.


            I am a soccer player but more of a maniac. I have been playing the worlds beautiful game since I was three years old. My parents got me into it but I’ve loved it since the beginning. Throughout the years soccer has taught me some important lessons. Lessons like discipline, work ethic, teamwork, and the desire to finish and get better. Soccer has motivated me to make everyone better, from my team mates to my family and friends. It showed me to take care of those I love and care about and to not let anyone down, as failure has been pounded into me as a non-existing option. I must strive for perfection.For me to be perfect I must first make those around me perfect. That’s why I work hard and discipline myself so I am able to help those around me.


            I practice my passion every day whenever possible. I work on my fitness, my touch, and all the mental aspects that go with it. I discipline myself to not take a moment off and to not be lazy. I keep myself in good habits as I don’t want to slide off and lose what I have worked so hard to get. I take this attitude into everything I do in my life. To my school work to family and all the little things I do. I wouldn’t in this way if it wasn’t for my mom and dad as well as some coaches I’ve had to get me to how I am today. A quote given to me by one of my coaches was “Destiny is a choice” and another one is “Perfection isn’t good enough”. Those took deep meaning to me, they will never escape my grasp.


            My passion for soccer has put my heart in the right placefor my life. It has shown me what I must be to have the life I want. Nothingcomes easy it must be earned and earned the right way, through cooperation andvigorous working at whatever task you’re given even if it as simple as scoringa goal. That is how soccer has shaped my life. It has left a stamp on me toimpact the world by never giving up and giving my all to succeed in everythingthat I do and even if something is good or even perfect, it can always be better.

Team Info
  • Favorite Position: Forward
  • Jersey Number: 55
  • Club Name: Real Colorado
  • Team Name: 94/95 Red Boys
  • Coach Name: Spencer Ward
  • Coach Email: afcspencer@yahoo.com
  • Coach Phone: (720) 320-6872
  • References: Head Coach - Legend High School
      Daniel Windsor (720) 320-6872   daniel.winsor@dcsdk12.org

    Head Coach - Real Colorado 94/95 Red Boys Team
      Spencer Ward   (720) 320-6872    afcspencer@yahoo.com

    Head Coach - Denver Dynamite (Premier Arena Soccer League)
      Chuck Estrada   (719) 358-9787     Chuck.Estrada@DenverTNT.com

    Executive Managing Director - Anaheim Bolts (Professional Arena Soccer League)
      Alex Monnar
      (619) 865-8984    alexmonnar@me.com

    Head Coach - STARS Soccer (2000-01 Major Indoor Soccer League MVP)

      Chris Handsor
      (209) 898-2240    chandsor@STARSsoccer.net
  • GPA: 3.2941
  • SAT ACT Scores: 21
  • Academic Goals: Potential College Majors:
    1. Sports Management
    2. Computer Programming
    3. Sports Medicine
    High School Achievements:
    • Honors English/Literature '09-10, '10-11 and '11-12
    • Honors Geometry '10-11
    • Spanish '09-10, '10-11 and '11-12
Contact Info
  • Favorite Position: Forward
  • First Name: Tyler
  • Last Name: Howell
  • Parent Name: Mac Howell
  • Parent Phone: -Coaches Only